Events at the paranormal evening…


So last night was our paranormal evening and we’re writing to let you know what happened!

Both myself and Ashley were stood at the end of the bar near to where you walk out. The glasses shelves are at the other end of the bar. Suddenly the glasses that were tucked at the back of the shelf flew out and smashed on the floor. Needless to say the whole bar screamed and got very scared and we were very apprehensive about going behind the bar again! The investigating team then heard the screams and came to look. They measured the electrical stats and that particular shelf went off the radar. The shelf below had absolutely nothing. VERY WIERD!

It is thought a young girl, a lady and two young boys are here in spirit.

If you would like to come and see for yourselves then contact us on 01246 862296 and we will book you in for a scary night’s stay!

We will definately be having more paranormal nights so watch out for updates!

Batemans Mill Hotel

1 comment to Events at the paranormal evening…

  • Sheila Larsen-Spencer

    Yeah, all true and I was there to witness it (glasses breaking episode), hope to come back for next one with some friends (not hubbys cup of tea)
    Thanks all for great stay x

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